At this time, you may be trying to find ways to help your home increase its energy efficiency. Many people aren’t aware of the fact that so much heat in the home is lost through your windows, so this could be an area to work on when looking to keep your home warmer. You may be wondering, however, what exactly makes a window energy efficient? That’s where we come in – allow us to tell you.

What makes a window energy efficient?

There are three main factors that go towards making a window energy efficient. These factors are the frame material, the construction of the window, and the glass. The successful combination of these factors will result in your window being more energy efficient, ensuring your home benefits from warmth and potential savings on your energy bills.

  • The frame material

The material of the window frame can have a large impact on the level of energy efficiency that your window can achieve. The frame of your windowpanes must be an insulating material with a low thermal conductivity. This will ensure that they retain the heat in your home. Materials with low thermal conductivity are wood and uPVC plastic, whilst metal frames tend to have a high level of thermal conductivity. uPVC frames are often the most popular for their high level of energy efficiency.

  • The construction of the window

The way your window is constructed goes a long way in impacting your energy efficiency. With double glazing, there must be sufficient and effective space between the two windowpanes. This space is usually 16mm, and having the correct space in between the panes regulates how much heat is retained in your property.

  • The glass

Your glass is perhaps the most important part of how energy efficient your windows are. Double glazing makes an immense difference to the warmth of your home, as opposed to single glazing. You could also keep an eye out for low-e glass, which has a metal oxide micro-coating. This is a preferred option for heat retention within your home, going to great lengths in order to optimise your energy efficiency.

What to look for in energy efficient glass  

You will know how to search for energy efficient glass, as most windows use an energy-rating scale that ranges from A++ to E, A++ being the most efficient and E being the least. This energy rating is decided after assessing the frame material as well as the glass, and a high score is desirable in indicating how energy efficient the window is.

U value is a something to look for as well, telling you how easily heat will pass through the material of the window you are considering. The combination of the U value score and the rating mentioned above should help you get an idea about how energy efficient the windows are that you’re thinking of installing.

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