This year, and winter in particular, the pressure to keep your bills to a minimum is high. We understand how stressful this can be for our customers. That’s why we feel like we can offer our expertise and our excellent windows. Although new windows are an investment, they are bound to make a difference to your energy bills, with their benefits helping every home they are installed in. Take a look at the ways new windows can help you keep your home warm this winter…

Benefit from double glazing

With your new windows, you can benefit from brand new double glazing. This technology works by trapping argon gas between two panels of glass. Argon gas is a poor conductor of heat, meaning that it keeps the warm air from escaping your home. The benefit of double glazing is that your home will stay warm for longer, meaning that you may be able to use your central heating less frequently.

Advanced frame materials

We provide a range of materials for your window frames: uPVC and aluminium. These materials will help your property’s energy efficiency. uPVC for example, is renowned for its thermally efficient properties, offering insulation within your home which can go hand in hand with your double glazing. Aluminium, also, is a natural insulator, meaning that your new windows will aid in heat retention.

Eliminate draughts

Windows that have been in your home for a while may be old, and not holding up at their best. This can cause draughts, making your home even colder than it needs to be. Here is where new windows come in – they will be properly sealed and without any gaps between the frame and your property, meaning that draughts will no longer be an issue for you. Again, this should decrease your reliance on central heating.

Advanced glass technology

With new windows, you can benefit from toughened safety glass with low sensitivity. This technology can help with heat retention, meaning that your home can benefit from every bit of central heating that it uses. These features of the glass can also result in the minimisation of noise from the outside, increasing your overall level of comfort within your home.

How will these features impact you?

You might be wondering; how will these features make a difference to you? All of these factors within your new windows can help your home to become more thermally efficient. This not only helps your environmental impact, but it could also have a positive impact on your energy bills. At a time where this is more than needed, the decision to install new windows could help you get through this winter a little easier.

To benefit from brand-new windows, come to us here at Channel Windows. Our services are bound to help your home through the winter, and our customer satisfaction rate is high. From uPVC to aluminium materials, sash style windows to tilt and turn, we have everything available that you could desire, including customisable options. Give us a call today on 01304 379991 or email