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Why not take your home to the next level by investing in new roofline products such as fascias, soffits, guttering, and bargeboards. It might be time to update your roofline if your building is older, as they are traditionally made from wood. Wood typically needs lots of maintenance, so easy and reliable materials like uPVC are excellent roofline solutions that also look stylish and are designed to protect your property.

Why you need
quality roofline products

Roofline is important for the exterior of your home in Kent as it adds extra protection where your roof meets the walls, especially from the weather. Making sure your roofline is installed professionally and using products of the best quality is important to help protect your roof from water damage and dry rot. These issues are normally worse in wooden rooflines, so this is a great reason to replace it and protect your home! Accompanied by our cladding and some newly installed uPVC windows, your property couldn’t look any better…

uPVC roofline

Roofline encompasses four products that are used together to protect the junction between your walls and roof. In a sturdy, uPVC material, these products are available:


Fascias are boards that line the exposed ends of your roof timber or tiles. They hold the bottom row of the tiles in place and are extremely strong – uPVC fascias can endure lots of weather strain. They also provide a sturdy base for your guttering to attach to.


Guttering plays an important part in your property’s roofline. It drains the rainwater from your roof to where it won’t cause water damage to your home! Running along the edge of your roof, it connects to a downpipe for water to be disposed of properly. uPVC guttering is durable and will withstand large amounts of water.


Soffits are the boards that cover the overhanging roof – if you look up, the soffits are what you will see. These components work hand in hand with the rest of your roofline to protect your property from moisture. Plus, they also seal your property to stop pesky insects and animals from getting in.


Bargeboards are boards that run diagonally along the eaves of your roofline, similar to fascias but in a different place. They provide an extra bit of protection from the weather as they encase the exposed edges of your roof rafters. They also provide an aesthetic element and often complete the style of your home!

Personalise your
property’s roofline in Kent

All of the roofline products – fascias, soffits, guttering and bargeboards – work together to create a roofline that will make your property aesthetically pleasing and weather-proof. Our uPVC roofline accessories are trustworthy and will be sturdy on the outside of your home in Kent. As with all of our services, the roofline design we can provide you with will be bespoke to your property. With many options available, our uPVC roofline products will have a colour range that will complement your home perfectly, and they can match the other products you invest in with Channel Windows.

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A free quote is available for your home in Kent’s roofline! To claim this or to enquire about any of our uPVC roofline prices, give us a call on 01304 379991 or email You can also leave your details with us and we’ll get back to you.

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If you’re an at-home DIY-er, or an experienced installer, these all-weather roofline products are available to buy separately from our Trade and DIY counter. This counter has a plethora of choices for you to peruse, just come equipped with your measurements and we’re bound to have some advanced roofline in store for you.

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Well establised

Well established

Channel Windows has been in operation since 1985, and we’ve built up the experience needed to give you the highest level of customer service and installation that can’t be faulted. Our customers are loyal and a large part of our business comes from customer recommendations, which shows the standard of our work and the quality of our products.


We’ll always be upfront with you – our quotes are carefully calculated to ensure that you get the best price we can offer you at the same time as having roofline products that are of the highest quality. We’re consistent, so you’ll always know what the experience of working with us will be like. As usual, everything is bespoke to your home so you can trust us to handle your property with care.


Within our team at Channel Windows, you’ll always have a point of contact. All of us will be fully updated on your project and your requirements meaning that, should you need some information, it will be easily available to you. We’re devoted to making sure you have a stellar experience with us. We’re always here to assist and advise to ensure your project is completed with minimal disruption.


Our highly personal service guarantees that you will be treated to roofline products that are tailored to your home. The installation we offer is bespoke to each individual customer, and we have a detailed consultation process that allows us to find out exactly what you’re looking for in your roofline design. You can also drop into our showroom to see what products you can tailor towards the style of your home.

Detail oriented

One of the things we pride ourselves on is the quality of our products. Over our years in business, we’ve built up a network of suppliers that we know we can count on, meaning we have concrete knowledge that your products will be reliable as well as stylish. Our workload is precisely managed so that we never overwork our employees – this enables us to keep our standard of work as high as possible.


One thing we make sure we do with every one of our customers is that we get to know them and what they want exactly. Our service is personal to all of our customers so that we know what kind of communication method you prefer, as well as ensuring that you are over the moon with what we provide for you. Working with us is easy – leave all of the work to us and transform your home.

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If you’re struggling with the different roofline options available to you, coming to our showroom could help you make some decisions about what colours would best suit your home. You will be able to see how these products look when they’re installed and how they interact with our other products, like composite doors that you may already have in your home.

You can find us at Units 8-10, Minters Industrial Estate, Southwall Rd, Deal, Kent, CT14 9PZ.

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