Do new windows help reduce your energy bill?

Have you been considering getting new windows for your home? There are more benefits that just aesthetic reasons, and one of the main ones is the impact it can have on your energy bills. Home energy efficiency is a brilliant thing to work on if you’re trying to save money, as there are many small steps that can be taken. Replacement windows can have a startlingly positive effect on energy costs. Here are just some of the benefits that come with investing in new windows for your home:

Prevent heat loss

Unfortunately, a whopping 18% of heat loss occurs through windows in the home. If you have older windows or single glazing panes, you are much more susceptible to this wasted energy. With single glazed windows, heat is lost twice as fast… It seems pointless to be paying money for central heating when much of it is being lost through the glass! Windows that trap the heat inside your house mean that the warmth that you’re paying for doesn’t get wasted, resulting in energy savings.

Improve insulation

Investing in energy efficient windows also insulates your home from the cold. Double or triple glazing within your window frames will ensure that your winter months aren’t spent in discomfort. Double glazing consists of two panes of glass with a gap in the middle. It has a double function, not only trapping heat indoors but also keeping cold air out of the home. Money Supermarket even discovered that if your semi-detached home is single glazed, you can save up to £110 per year with the installation of top-quality double glazing.

Control temperature

As well as helping you decrease your energy bills, double glazed windows can make sure that you can regulate the temperature of your home to your liking. With the knowledge that very little heat will be lost out of your windows, you can use your central heating system precisely to get your home to a comfortable temperature all year round. No freezing winter mornings, and no sweltering summer afternoons. This will ensure that you live comfortably, saving money with your reduced heating bills.

When you’re selecting your new windows, there are various options that you can choose from for your frames. Aluminium and uPVC frames are insulating and will contribute to your energy efficient windows. There is also the option for toughened safety and low sensitivity glass, which provide excellent heat retention in areas with direct sunlight. On sunny days, your home will be easier to regulate in temperature with this toughened glass.

These are just a few of the reasons why investing in new double glazing for your home would be a good idea. The positive impact on your energy bills is the cherry on the cake, with your new frames also helping your windows to block out more noise. Here at Channel Windows, we have a wide variety of windows to choose from, with frames and window furniture to compliment your home. To discuss your window replacement, give us a call on 01304 379991 or email