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Investing in new windows, doors or a conservatory is a big deal! You may be wondering what happens once they’ve been installed and you’re overjoyed with how your property looks. We grant you a number of guarantees to provide you with ongoing peace of mind.


All our products and services come with guarantees. These guarantees range from one year for supply-only items from our Trade and DIY counter, to up to 10 years on services that include installation such as uPVC windows, composite doors or orangeries or conservatories. The length of your guarantee is something your advisor will go over with you, as it is tailored to each individual product or service.


To give you that extra little peace of mind, all of our guarantees are backed by insurance. In the unlikely event that we win the lottery and retire to Spain, our insurer will replace the guarantee for the rest of the time period that it was covered for. This will mean that you can relax in the knowledge that your Channel Windows products will still be supported, no matter what happens.

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If you’re planning to sell your house and your guarantee period for your patio doors or your awnings hasn’t yet expired, it’s possible for the guarantee to be transferred to the new owner. Essentially, we’ll be treating your property as the customer rather than yourself, meaning that the guarantee period can be fulfilled no matter who lives there! This way, you can tell prospective buyers that the guarantee on their sash windows or their conservatory can be carried over when they move into their new home.

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If you have any questions about the guarantees on our products and services, you can contact us to talk things over with a member of our team. Call us on 01304 379991 or email