There are so many ways that you could improve your home. If you’ve been hoping to revamp your indoor space and you don’t know where to start, you could think about installing a roof lantern… Roof lanterns are large ceiling windows that extend slightly higher than your roof and flood your room with natural light. There are many benefits to having a roof lantern in your home, such as:

Influx of natural light

A roof lantern can provide so much natural light within your desired room. The size can be tailored to your exact requirements – if you’d like multiple small roof lanterns spaced out, this is possible. You could also have one large roof lantern in the middle of the room – the large size they can go up to is surprising! Natural light is brilliant for boosting your mood and providing that all important vitamin D, so letting it all into your home can only be beneficial.

Larger appearance

With the abundance of natural light also comes an increased height in your ceiling. These combined factors will make your room look so much larger, helping you create the illusion of a roomier house. This can help you feel less cramped in your home, especially if there are multiple people living with you. This is a much more cost-effective option than moving house to gain the extra space, and it comes with the benefit of making your home a beautiful haven to live in.

Elevate your home’s aesthetic

Roof lanterns are an excellent way of elevating your home’s design style to the next level. As well as the bright open space it provides and the illusion of increased height, they are available in a variety of colours. You can make a statement with a bold colour, or help your roof lantern blend in for a sophisticated feel. Their design can also vary, with different patterns within the lantern being available. Making different patterns with the panels of glass can help your home become a designer’s paradise.

Increased energy efficiency

The glass used on roof lanterns deflects the sun’s rays during the summer months, whilst retaining the room’s heat in the winter. This allows you to use the room all year long, avoiding the seasonal frustrations of a conservatory or an orangery. This means that you may not have to rely on your central heating as much, having a positive impact on your energy bills. This is a worthwhile investment for the number of benefits that come with the installation of a roof lantern.

Increase your property’s value

A roof lantern could increase your property’s value. It could boost your home’s appeal – efficient energy usage is a brilliant selling point on the housing market, and it’s bound to make your home more valuable. This paired with the beautiful aesthetic benefits within your property will make it irresistible to potential buyers. Even if you don’t sell your property and choose to revel in its beauty yourself, it is still a beneficial and worthwhile advantage.

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