After what seems like a long, dreary winter, summer is finally around the corner. Blossoming trees and the shining sun are making everyone look forward to the warmer months, when our conservatories come into their own! When the hot weather does eventually come, though, it’s easy for your conservatory to become a sweltering space. What measures can you take towards cooling down your conservatory, making sure it isn’t too hot to bear in the summertime?

#1 – Add blinds

As well as being excellent decoration, blinds can block out a large amount of heat if you would like them to. Shutting your window blinds against direct natural light will help to keep your existing conservatory cool to sit in, even in the late afternoon when the sun is strong.

#2 – Consider your décor

After paying attention in physics class, we know that dark colours retain heat. If you decorate your conservatory in light colours, it’s more likely to stay cool. In terms of materials, you may find your leather sofa is a furnace to sit on. You could switch it out for a softer fabric to help stay comfortable within your living space!

#3 – Circulate your air

It may sound like a simple solution, but opening your windows will go a long way to helping your conservatory stay at a bearable temperature. Even if the day is a particularly warm one, cracking a window for some fresh air will prevent your conservatory from becoming stuffy.

#4 – Install air conditioning

If you live in an especially warm environment, and our tips aren’t cutting it, you could think about installing air conditioning. This will help regulate the heat in your room, allowing you to pinpoint the perfect temperature for your comfort. This will ensure that you can use the space when you wish.

#5 – Invest in double glazing

Many people invest in double glazing to keep their home warm in the winter, but it’s a lesser-known fact that they can also help your property keep cool in the beaming sunlight! The impact of the energy efficient glazing will control the temperature of your conservatory to make it more enjoyable, whilst also having a positive impact on your energy bills.

#6 – Add window film

As with installing blinds, adding privacy film to your windows can block direct sunlight from entering the conservatory, reducing glare. You don’t even have to put it on the entire window – even halfway up will stop the room from becoming so warm. There are often different patterns that can help you make a statement!

#7 – Reduce your humidity

You may not know that plants can also help you to keep a cooler temperature in your conservatory! House plants reduce humidity in the air and help to regulate how warm the environment is. Not only this, but they also add an abundance of character to a room – useful, beautiful, and cost effective!

If you’re interested in making changes to your conservatory in order to make it more usable in the summer – double glazing, for example – contact Channel Windows. Our team are experts in recommending and installing the perfect product for your home, including windows or doors. Just give us a call on 01304 379991 or email