If you’re looking for ways to extend your home, a conservatory or an orangery may have crossed your mind. Traditionally very distinct kinds of extensions, it can be difficult to know the difference between a conservatory and an orangery or to know which one would be best for your home. Here you will find the characteristics of both extensions along with their benefits, allowing you to choose which to adopt within your property.

What is the difference between conservatories and orangeries?

The fundamental difference between a conservatory and an orangery is the amount of glass used in the structure. A conservatory is predominantly glass, taking up 75% or more of the ceiling and 50% or more of the wall space. This is where an orangery differs, as glass makes up less than these percentages within their construction. It’s easier to think of an orangery as a halfway point between a conservatory and a full single-storey extension. The remaining structure is traditionally made out of brick, often creating an industrial feel. This is fully customisable to your preferred style.

What are the benefits of a conservatory?

There are many upsides to creating a new conservatory space in your home, as well as benefitting from the extra space!

Thermal efficiency

With the abundance of light coming into a conservatory via the predominantly-glass walls, the room retains heat incredibly well, which can then be filtered into the rest of the home.

Natural light

Having a room in your property that’s made mainly of glass will allow you to reap the natural light it provides. This offers many benefits and can make your space light up and come alive.


A conservatory is typically a more cost-effective option than a full single-storey extension. They are simple structures to add onto your home. There is more financial flexibility, benefitting budgets.

What are the benefits of an orangery?

Orangeries as slightly less common, but that shouldn’t put you off having one. As a structure that is more like a rear extension than an add-on, there are different ways it can benefit your property.

Comfortable living all year round

With a mixture of brick and glass that is slightly more even than can be found in a conservatory, it can be easier to keep an orangery warm in the winter. This makes it a liveable space all year round.

A customisable style

When choosing your orangery, there are ways you can personalise the space so that it suits your style. Whether you opt for a flat roof or a roof lantern, or choose uPVC or aluminium windows, the space is yours.

Invite the outside in

An orangery invites the outside in, due to the windows in the structure. The room doesn’t feel separated from the home, as can happen with a conservatory; the style is similar to a full extension.

Now that you have the important information, the only thing to decide is which structure would be the best for your home. This is a personal decision, but by getting in touch with Channel Windows, one of our experts can talk you through the benefits and help you come to a decision you’re happy with! Get in touch with us on 01304 379991 or email info@channelwindows.co.uk.