With summer in full swing, we all know in the backs of our minds what is to come… Autumn. Typically, this is the season where the trees become bare, and our gutters could fill as a result. Gutters that are left un-cared for can often become clogged, preventing them from doing their job. In this blog, we guide you through the purpose of your gutter, why it is important to keep it well-maintained and how to clear it.

What is the purpose of guttering?

Guttering plays a crucial role in your roofline. It works to catch rainwater and drain it away from your home, disposing of it down a drain quickly and efficiently. It can be identified as the uPVC cylinder that runs along the edge of your roofline, and down the side of your house.

Why is it important to keep your guttering clean?

Maintaining your homes guttering might seem like a task deserving to be at the bottom of your priority list, but once you find out the damage it could have on your home, you may rethink your plans.

  1. A build up of damp leaves, twigs and other debris in your gutter can be a haven for pests, attracting them to your home. It could also be a hub for mould growth which, over time, can cause introduce other issues to your home.
  2. If water has no place to flow due to an obstruction within your gutter, it can overflow. This can cause a number of risks, including water travelling into your home or walls through cracks, or pooling at the ground of your property, causing damage to the foundation and attracting additional pests to the area.
  3. Water leaking from your gutter could also cause fascia damage, spoiling your kerb appeal and resulting in repair or replacement work being required to maintain the structure of your roofline.
  4. Finally, leaving your gutter to become clogged over time can reduce its lifespan dramatically. You may find that cracks form, or joints no longer line up and you will have to locate the cash for a replacement sooner than anticipated.

How to know if your gutter needs cleaning

As a general rule, we would recommend that you get your gutter cleaned twice a year. However, if you notice any of these signs, you may want to pay a trip up to your gutter.

  • You see water overflowing your gutter, or falling off of your roof edge and straight onto the ground
  • You notice that your gutter is sagging
  • Birds or insects keep routing to your gutter
  • You see shrubbery or debris plotted or planted in your guttering

How to clean your guttering

Please note, when it comes to cleaning your guttering, safety really is key. You shouldn’t attempt the task if you aren’t confident with working on a ladder at height. You should always have someone with you to observe your safety, and hold the ladder still.

  1. To clean your gutter, you’ll need a sturdy ladder a scoop or trowel, gloves, a hose or pressure washer and safety goggles.
  2. Line the ladder up with the area of your guttering you are going to start with and ensure it is on a stable surface. Your support should hold the ladder stable for you from here onwards, until you have 2 feet back on the ground.
  3. Put your safety wear on to protect your hands and eyes before making your way up to your roofline.
  4. Use your scoop or trowel to remove any build up of debris, leaves or twigs. This should break up any blockages, but you may also need additional help from your hose or pressure washer at this point. If small enough, you can wash small parts of debris down towards the gutter. If this doesn’t seem suitable, you should dispose of the waste correctly in a green waste bin.

Keeping your guttering in good condition is vital for the health and structure of your roofline. At Channel Windows, we provide roofline specialist services to help your home looking and acting at its best. By getting in touch, we can provide you with advice and support that will keep your property at its optimum. Call us on 01304 379991 or send us an email at