The complete guide to your EPC rating

If you’re a homeowner or you’re moving into your own place sometime soon, you’ve probably heard of an EPC rating. However, the term can seem a little intimidating! In this complete guide to your EPC rating, we’ll find out what this term means, why it’s so important and how to improve yours so that your home doesn’t suffer from low energy efficiency!

What is an EPC rating?

Your EPC rating is an Energy Performance Certificate, which is a review of your home’s energy efficiency. An EPC rating is needed whenever a property is built, sold, or rented out, as it gives valuable information to the people thinking about living there. Valid for 10 years, your EPC rating could be the deciding factor for prospective buyers when you’re selling your house. This energy efficiency rating is used for buyers and new tenants to see what their monthly energy bills could look like, so a valid report is needed to that people aren’t misled.

An EPC rating runs from A-G. An A-rating will mean that your home has excellent efficiency, but if your property is running at a G then it means there’s some serious work to do! The calculations that make up your EPC review are quite simple:

  • Energy used in the home per square metre
  • Level of carbon dioxide emissions

If you’re a seller or a landlord, you’ll need to ensure that your EPC report is valid before you sell or rent your property. This may mean that you need to get a new review underway and find someone to conduct this process. If you do not get a new EPC report when you need one, you could be fined as it is a legal requirement.

How do I improve my EPC rating?

So, if you’re needing a new EPC report or yours didn’t give the results you were hoping for, here are some tips on how to improve your home’s energy efficiency. This could also help you save money on your monthly bills!

  • Solar panels – Solar panels are a brilliant way of increasing your energy efficiency and lowering energy bills. It’s a win-win, and will positively impact your EPC rating.
  • Loft and wall insulation – Effective insulation is a big part of making sure your home doesn’t use up unnecessary energy. The warmer your home is, the less you’ll rely on your heating system.
  • Energy-efficient boiler – Making sure your boiler is working at its most efficient will mean that you don’t waste fuel. This will save you money and ensure that every bit of fuel is used in the right way.
  • Double glazed windows – Double glazing is important. In homes, lots of heat is lost through windows, so making sure your windows retain as much heat as possible will mean you can use your heating less and save money.

Here at Channel Windows, we can help you improve your EPC rating with the installation of new double glazing windows. We have a range of window types, ranging from uPVC to aluminium, why not call us and find out which option would work for your home? Contact us on 01304 379 991 or email