When you think durable, heat retentive, and stylish, you think uPVC windows. If you have them in your home, you can probably vouch for the difference they have made! However, like anything in your property, your window frames can be susceptible to a build-up of dirt, making them look grimier than you want.

It’s important to many people to preserve the squeaky-clean look of their uPVC windows for as long as possible. That’s why we’ve decided to reveal our top tips on how to clean your uPVC windows effectively, ensuring an enviable, glossy finish.

  • Hinges
    Cleaning your hinges can seem like a tricky task. However, if you leave them untouched, your open window can look like an eyesore even if you recently cleaned the panes. To clean your hinges, open the window wide and vacuum up as much dirt and dust possible. A brush attachment to your vacuum is preferable to prevent any scratches. It’s also worth using a multi-purpose oil on the joints to ensure smooth-running hinges.
  • Window frames
    It may seem like a daunting task to clean your window frames. If your uPVC frames gather too much dust, it will seem as if they are losing their shine. However, with the correct cleaning regime you can easily restore their appearance! Use a dry cloth to rid the frame of any dirt. Then, with warm soapy water or a gentle cleaning solution in a spray bottle, wipe down your frames to get rid of stubborn grime. If this isn’t enough, uPVC cleaning products can be effective ways to remove stubborn dirt.
  • Windowpanes
    It’s best to clean your windowpanes on a cloudy day. If the sun is beaming directly onto them, water marks may dry too quickly, and visible streaks could be left behind. A sponge and warm soapy water should be enough to clean your windows thoroughly. There are also products such as Windex and other window cleaners that are designed to ensure your windowpanes are shiny and free of grime.

What to use

When you clean your uPVC windows, water and washing up liquid should be enough to get rid of most dirt. There are also brands that offer specific uPVC cleaners, such as Thompsons, HG, and Dirtbusters. White vinegar is great to use on windows. It is multi-use, being effective on rusty hinges and as a tool to rejuvenate your white uPVC windows. Mix the vinegar with warm water and spray the solution on your frames, before wiping it clean.

What not to use

Although it may be surprising, there are some products that you shouldn’t use on your uPVC frames. Cream cleaners, bleach, and WD-40 (among others) can all be harmful to your frames and strip their glossy finish. It’s also important not to use a scouring pad or anything rough on your windows, as this could scratch the glass and the uPVC material. This would undermine your cleaning efforts!

If you’ve moved into a property where no amount of scrubbing can bring your uPVC frames back to life, it may be time to start thinking about replacing them. Here at Channel Windows, we have a variety of uPVC frames and styles available, as well as offering doors and other services. Just give us a call on 01304 379 991 or email