As summer approaches, it will hopefully be accompanied by luscious warm weather that we can bask in. On days like that, the best feeling is relaxing in the garden with the warmth washing over you. Even so, there always comes a time when shade is your sanctuary! With aluminium bi-fold doors, you can invite the outside into your home. These doors are brilliant in the summer months when they really come into their own. Here’s why…

Undisrupted garden view

Aluminium bi-fold doors have expansive glass pane widths, meaning that when these doors are closed, they still produce an undisrupted view of your garden or patio. With only clear glass panels separating your living space from your garden, it will be as if your outside space is part of your home. This is especially good for a summer evening when there is a slight chill in the air, but the atmosphere is still gorgeous.

Unobtrusive when opened

When your aluminium bi-fold doors are open, they will fold in on themselves in a concertina effect and have multiple locking systems. This results in a wide open-plan living situation, blending the outside of the garden with your indoor home and leaving the doors almost undetectable. On hot days, this will be a wonderful way to stay in the shade of your home whilst making the most of the warm weather, and it also makes for a great opportunity to host parties and social events.

Energy efficient double glazing

The glass panes in bi-fold doors are A-rated double glazing, meaning that they can increase your energy efficiency. If you keep the doors closed in the summer, they will be able to keep your indoor living space cool, saving you from turning on the air conditioning unit. The same can be said in reverse – the double glazing will keep your home secure and warm in the winter, increasing your energy efficiency and saving energy costs.

Increased ventilation

Having the option of opening your bi-fold doors all the way will allow you to control the amount of ventilation breezing through your home. In summer this is especially nice, as you can easily introduce fresh air into your home rather than relying on an air conditioning unit. You can allow the summer smells and sounds into your property easily with bi-folding doors.

A stylish aesthetic

Summer is a brilliant time to make some home improvements, so why not treat your home to new bi-folding doors during these warmer months. This comes with the added benefit of also renovating some of your garden space, and is sure to make visitors and neighbours envious! There are many design options available, from the handles to the colour and finish. Invite people over for a summer BBQ, and be hit with an influx of compliments on your new bi-fold doors…

If you’ve been thinking of ways to merge your garden and your home in the summer, bi-folding doors are a brilliant investment and can result in the saving of energy costs. Better yet, we’re the best company for you, just come to Channel Windows. Give us a call on 01304 379991 or email