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Have you been thinking of making a change in your home? Property renovations, even small ones, can make you fall in love with your house all over again and often impact how much people enjoy living where they do. Maybe you’ve decided that now’s the time for replacing your windows… If this sounds like you, you may have to go through more processes than you think. Keep reading for information on when you might require planning permission to install new windows.

Can I install windows without planning approval?

It’s more than likely that, a lot of the time, you won’t need to apply for planning permission to replace your new windows! If the windows you are going to be investing in are similar in appearance to your existing ones, you won’t need a planning application for this. You may need building regulation approval if there’s going to be a glazing replacement, such as if you are changing your single glazing to double glazing.

Under what circumstances would I need planning permission?

If you’re planning to do any of these things to your property, it’s likely you’ll need to contact your local planning authority to get permission:

  • Fitting a skylight or a roof lantern that comes more than 150mm beyond the plane of the slope of the roof, or is higher than the highest point of the roof.
  • Fitting new windows on the upper-floor side elevation, that aren’t obscure glazed and can be opened.
  • If you live in a listed building, conservation area, or Article 4 Directive. These areas are often under protection, and the exteriors of buildings need to be in line with the style of their surroundings. You’ll even need permission to paint the exterior of your windows if you live in listed buildings or designated areas.
  • If you’re adding bay windows to the front of your home. If your bay windows are existing, you won’t need permission. However, when creating bay windows from scratch this is classed as a home extension, which you will need planning permission for.

What if I am a leaseholder?

In the situation that you are a leaseholder of your home, the same rules apply. However, if your windows themselves don’t require planning permission, you may still need to obtain permission from the landlord themselves and ensure that the works will be approved by building regulations.

What are the benefits of brand-new windows?

Installing new windows and doors won’t just serve you with a new aesthetic. The change to double or triple glazing will provide you with increased energy efficiency and less noise pollution! This could save you money on your energy bills and will make living in your home that much more relaxing and comfortable. Even with the addition of needing planning permission, it’s a worthwhile investment.

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