Whilst it is rare, we occasionally get asked how to replace a window handle. Whether your windows have aged or they have undergone some rough wear and tear, you may find yourself in the position where you need to know the answer to this too. A giveaway sign that you may need to replace yours would be if the handle has fallen off of your window altogether, but another more subtle sign is noticing that it’s becoming stiff to turn and lock.

The task, if carried out correctly, can take just a few moments. For the replacement, you will need:

  • A replacement handle, preferably of the same make
  • A screwdriver, manual or electric

Once you have your equipment assembled, you can begin to replace your window handle. There are 7 simple steps to follow.

  1. Open your window a small, safe distance and keep the handle in the open position.
  2. Locate and remove the screw covers from the handle. You can do this by levering them out with the flat end of your screwdriver. When removed, place them down in a safe place.
  3. The screws within the handle on your window will then be in sight. Using your screwdriver, remove these whilst keeping hold of the existing handle. This will prevent it from falling suddenly and causing any harm or injury.
  4. Once the screws have been removed, leave them in a safe place alongside the screw covers. Remove the handle from the frame of your window and replace it with the new one.
  5. Align the new handle up with the placement of the original one, and screw the new or original screws into the same holes. Ensure they are in tight enough that the handle doesn’t shift or wobble when opening or closing the latch.
  6. Once you are happy that the handle is in place and secure, replace the screw caps by pressing them into their holes.

If these steps have failed to provide you with a stable and reliable window handle, it may be due to the specific make or model in your property. A handle of a different style could have slightly varied measurements, meaning it won’t align in the same way, or your screws could be too long or short to provide correct working function or a seamless appearance. Always check your handle style.

If your window handles have started to fail, it may be time for a replacement on a larger scale. Grace your home with energy efficient windows, installed by our team of specialists at Channel Windows. We can work with you to find the best solution for your home. Get in touch by calling us on 01304 379991 or sending us an email at