Barrel locks are designed perfectly for uPVC doors, enabling the door to be locked and unlocked using a key. However, they are not easy to take out after being installed, so it is important to know exactly what the process entails before you get started. Take a look at our guide to gain a full understanding of how to replace a lock barrel on a uPVC door.

Change your uPVC door lock

Changing the lock barrel on your uPVC door does not require many tools. As long as you follow each step correctly, you should be able to get the entire job done in around 5 minutes. Here is how to go about changing your uPVC door locks:

  • Remove the handles

Firstly, take out the screws on the inside of the door and put them in a safe place. Next, get a firm grip on both the inside and outside door handles and carefully slide them out. Make sure not to remove them too quickly as it could cause damage to your door.

  • Remove the lock barrel screw

The lock barrel screw is usually a different colour to every other screw on a uPVC door. It can be found on the edge of the door, just beneath the door lock. Remove this screw so that both sides of the barrel lock can be taken out.

  • Unlock and remove the barrel

Using the key, turn the barrel lock to the right to unlock it. This will allow you to easily slide the barrel lock out. Do not use too much force – the lock should come out without a struggle.

  • Slide in the new barrel

Take your new barrel, insert the new set of keys, and turn to the right. Slide the barrel into position.

  • Screw the barrel in place

Hold both sides of the barrel in place and line it up with the screw, then screw it back in place. Be careful not to overtighten or cross-thread the screw.

  • Screw the handles back in place

Gently place the spindle inside the handle socket on both sides, before screwing the handles back in place using the screws that you set aside earlier. Again, make sure not to screw them too tightly.

Common mistakes to avoid

If you make any of these mistakes, the process of changing your uPVC door barrel lock will take much longer. Take a look at what you need to avoid doing:

  • Do not rush things

Changing a uPVC barrel should only take around 5 minutes, so there is no need to rush through the process. Trying to force things will only increase the likelihood of damage being caused and skipping steps could result in you losing parts or screws.

  • Be careful with the screw head and threads

If you accidentally strip or cross-thread the screw head or threads, then you will be unable to remove or insert the screws correctly again. This could cause problems opening and closing the door. Worst of all, it may leave your door unsecured.

  • Do not ignore ominous signs

While you can change the door barrel lock on your uPVC door yourself, there are some instances that will require professional assistance. If you feel as though you are unable to resolve the situation, it is always a good idea to trust an expert.

  • Do not be careless

Changing a uPVC door barrel lock is a relatively straightforward process as long as you are careful. Be meticulous when aligning any components, ensuring that things such as the handles, spindles, and screws are fitted correctly.

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