At Channel Servicing we have a dedicated team of specialists who service the ongoing property maintenance needs of our residential customers.

Whether you are an existing customer or not, Channel Servicing are happy to service your property maintenance needs. Our ‘MOT’ offer for example gives you the reassurance of knowing that for as little as £49.95 annually you can maintain your home to the highest standards.

Please call Channel Servicing on 01304 379991 quoting reference ‘MOT’ for more information. We look forward to being of service to you. Alternatively open our ‘MOT’ offer leaflet for more information.

Channel Servicing also offers a range of bespoke products and services from emergency and replacement glazing, locksmith services and guttering repair.

Window Safety Restrictor

Simple, Safe, Secure

Each year there are an alarmingly high number of accidents involving people falling out of windows. Most worryingly is the increase in child injuries and fatalities. Window safety and security therefore is of paramount importance.

Channel Servicing are now able to offer an innovative solution – the Window Safety Restrictor ™.

Regardless of the window or door design, there should never be an instance where a vulnerable child or person has access to a window or door opening greater than 4 inches (10 centimeters). Channel Servicings’ Window Safety Restrictor ™ not only provides the safe maximum opening but does so by means of a locking device which can be either dead locked or left in the push to release mode (requiring a two handed operation).

The restrictor fits all windows and door designs and is visibly mounted to provide instant reassurance of its operation. The robust design ensures that the cable cannot be cut without the use of specialist tools.

Available in either black or white as standard and also any ral colour to suit, the WSR™ comes fully installed by our in house technicians and is offered with a full guarantee.

Please call today on 01304 379991 to enquire further about the Channel Servicing Window Safety Restrictor ™, quoting Window Safety Restrictor ™ or see our special introductory offer. Alternatively open our Window Safety Restrictor ™ leaflet for more information.

Glazing Replacement & Emergency Repair

With over 25 years in the business, Channel Windows is one of the largest stockists of glazing materials in Kent. From replacing misted, cracked or damaged glazing units, whether single of double panels, through to replacing conservatory roofs with the latest active self-cleaning glass, Channel Servicing offer the full range of glazing solutions.

We also offer a boarding up, make safe, secure and replacement glazing service, for domestic properties. If you need glazing services in a hurry, call us on 01304 368999 and we'll be there to help secure your property.

Locksmith Services

Sleep easy...

Fitting high quality locks to your existing windows and doors gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is secured against intrusion. With the correct locks in place, your insurance premiums could also benefit from a discount.
Our residential locksmith services include:
• Residential customer call out service 08.30-17.00 Mon-Fri
• Boarding up, make safe, secure & replacement glazing service
• Fitting of multi point locks
• Broken key extraction
• Cylinders changed
• New locks fitted to windows, doors and frames
• Burglary damage repair
• Burglary prevention measures
• Insurance claims

Guttering Repair & Renewal

If you observe water cascading over the side of your guttering or from a downpipe during heavy rain, it normally indicates that there is a build-up of vegetation in it or damage has occured. Gutters and downpipes should be inspected regularly and if required cleared to prevent costly water ingress.

Channel Servicing will carry out a visual inspection of your guttering and downpipes, and provide a quote for freeing and clearing the blockage manually. We will also inspect your cladding as part of the service. If in need of replacement due to corrosion or damage, we will discuss this with you before renewing the appropriate section of guttering, downpipe or cladding accordingly.