hedgehog2Blocked gutters can be a constant worry: the lack of regular, and often precarious maintenance can cause irreversible damage to down pipes, roof tiles and gutters.

This damage can, in turn, lead to more problems.

Channel windows, can provide you with the amazing HEDGEHOG ® - a continuous polypropylene brush which prevents the build up of wind-blown debris.

Ideal for gutters andpathway of garden drains, this provides a simple solution that allows you to immediately reap the benefits, including:
- Fits around corners to most types of gutter
- Fitted in minutes
- Virtually indestructible
- Pays for itself in no time (cover the cost in the first year)
- Maintenance Free
- Can be easily removed and re-fitted
- Stainless stell innter twisted wire centre
- Stops birds and rodents entering loft space

Please make an appointment for Channel Windows to come and see you to discuss your guttering or drainage needs in person.